OCN London Assured is our symbol of trust in the learning provision offered by organisations. With 30 years’ experience of reviewing centres that deliver our qualifications, we know which policies, procedures and practices are expected from an organisation that cares about delivering an outstanding experience to its learners. 

Providers with the OCN London Assured mark:

  • operate with integrity;
  • maintain high standards of delivery;
  • continually monitor and improve their practice;
  • work in partnership with OCN London.

With this initiative, we want to recognise good practice in the learning delivery provided by all organisations. This could be staff or volunteer training programmes, a stand-alone course or a broader learning and development offer such as coaching, mentoring, work shadowing or secondment. We recommend the OCN London Assured mark as an excellent standard to work towards to ensure that you have robust policies and quality systems in place.

The benefits to your centre are:

  • external assurance of the systems and resources that support learning will give participants confidence in your provision;
  • your procedures and practices will be refined so that they are robust, saving you time and resources in the future;
  • you will be able to use the OCN London Assured logo when promoting your learning provision to prospective learners, volunteers or employees

How to get the OCN London Assured mark

We offer a free initial consultation meeting for you to find out whether the OCN London Assured mark is right for your organisation and explain the OCN London Assured approval process. Email: enquiries@ocnlondon.org.uk to find out more and arrange a meeting. 




Please read the guidance document for more information.